Stop looking for the path of peace, you are the path, it's inside you. To find the inner path simply give up your old teachers, books, and knowledge for if they were the way to inner peace you would not still be seeking.  

     To always walk the path of peace simply let the energy of life be your teacher. If there is fear in front of you it's to tell you that we are off the path. To return to the path of peace simple let go your judgements as you open and become one with your Magic Heart, for it is the gateway to the path of peace.

     When you respond with divine love to what is happening in your life, inner peace begins to radiate out to your personal world around you. The energy of life will then begins to physical manifest the inner peace with the resolution to the fear filled situation that you were facing.

     When you always respond in divine love we arrive back home at the Gate to the Garden of Eden on Earth. The gate will be open and you will be invited in to live and continue your exploration into the ancient spiritual mystery of life and love.

     Are you ready to begin your journey on the path of inner peace? The keys set forth on these web pages will begin to awaken the ancient secrets that are held in the sacred chamber in the back of your magic heart. Follow the wisdom of your heart and you are back on the path of inner peace and Oneness with the energy of life — God.

The Spiritual Playful Explorer's Guide Book




                                    by Pam and David Cooper


        The Path of Peace

Pam and David

     From 1991 to 1999 David lived in Bali where Jero  Mangku Kabayan, a Balinese healer, priest and wisemen guided David on the ancient  path of inner peace.  In 1999 David retured to America and met Pam and they quickly formed a sacred partnership.

     Each year till 2015 they return to Bali as Kabayan expanded his guidance to help them explored hedow to live two by two as they walk the ancient path of a Sacred Union Partnership and Marriage.            

     Together Pam and David continue to travel as they help people around the world move out of the stress of everyday life and walk the inner path of peace.

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     The Design of who we are, why we are here, and what we came to do, sets forth that we arrived on earth as pure spiritual beings. We were were given a physical Magic Heart and a physical body. Our instructions were to learn to love again, this time as a physical spiritual being of light.

     While in the womb all our need were met, for we were still connected to and fully supported by our Oneness with the energy of Creation — God. The first thing we did as we left the womb was to cry till our needs were met by physical beings outside of ourselves.

     This crying created the model of the pointing finger at others for causing our pain and chaos in our life, as well as the person who we felt if they change and did what we wanted them to do we would be at peace. No matter what we received we never find peace.

    One day we reach the point that we finally say,  "Enough is enough." When this happens we remember the old saying, 'Stop talking and start walking' for the path of peace is an inner path totally under our control.

     This shift from the mental head to the Divine Heart instantly creates inner peace and oneness with the creative energy of life — God.  We are now back on the path of peace, learning to love again as a radiant light house of love simply letting our light shine, totally free of all judgements.

The Ancient Keys to Walking


                      The path of Peace


     For those who are seeking inner peace, if you look deeply into the life that is around you, you will find footprints and trail markers left by other seekers of the ancient path of peace who have gone before you.

    If the keys make you smile and feel familiar as well as relate to where you are, decode and follow them; they will make your journey easier.

    If they don’t make you smile then simply set them aside and continue on with your explorations. At a later time check them out again — you might see how they now fit.

     Always remember, 'Life is the continuous journey of exploring deeper and deeper into the ancient spiritual mystery of learning to love. For the journey like life is never ending for if you top exploring you will stop growing and becoming.'

     Your journey begins now — start walking.

      Pam and David's

          Spiritual Wisdoms and

                       True life Adventures

         David's Wisdom Writing  

— have emerged from his morning dream times as well as a deeper understanding of what is happening on a spiritual and energy level in his life and the world around him.

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        Books and CDs — which Pam and David have created to help individuals better understand the journey of walking the inner path of peace.

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     David's Mystical Guidance — began in 1983 and continued to the present. Each event in his life  has illustrated a deeper understanding of what was or what was going to happen.

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         Pam's Ponderings — are short snippets of simple gentle wisdoms that touches the Soul.

     They help people to let go their old scaffolding of beliefs and expand their awareness beyond new horizons.

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          David's Spiritual  Adventures — which arrived like awake dreams have helped him understand the spiritual  journey that he was on.

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        Pam and David's Photos and Wisdoms — which Pam and David have created to help individuals better understand the journey of walking the inner path of peace.

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     Universal Principles — are built upon the fact that everything in the universe is created from the same energy from the same source.

     Understandin and following  the principles allow the explorer to live in harmony with the energy of life.

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         Four Sages of Life — are the energy cycles that all life passes through.

     In understanding the stages one can better understand where there are on the cycle and why things are happening thus it is easier to live in harmon with the energy of life.

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          Sacred Union Marriage — is  the highest path of inner peace for it is a based on the commitment between two partner to use their relationships as a path of inner healing of their fears. Thus leaving is not an option. As a single when the pain arrives it is easy to turn and leave.

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         The Magic Heart — is the sacred chamber in the backwall of our physical heart. It is our direct connection to energy of creation — God and the miracles that occurs in our life.

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           Becoming A Light House of Love — allows our light of love that we are . . . to be shared with others, free of all judgements, adendas and expectations.

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          The Mystery of Bali — is one in which over four million people live every day in service to God, family and others with love that is free of all judgements.

    David lived there for nine years and now shares the wisdom of the mystery.

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     The Design — is the story of who we are, why we came to earth, what is it we came to do and how to do it.

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We came to earth

to learn to love —

as God loves us, which is a love

that  is

free of all


No matter the question . . .    Love is the only answer.


     All right so life has you down. Thus the question,  'What are you going to do about it?' You can point your finger at what or who you feel has done you wrong, till your anger begins to eat you up.

     If you continue to blame life in time the anger will create more chaos and can kill the one who holds onto it. For what you hang onto and give energy to create more of it.

     Or you can remember that the pain of the so called stumbling block is to tell you, you have stepped off the path of peace.

     With this awareness simply open and follow the wisdom of your Magic Heart and your stumbling block will become a stepping stone to move you forward on your inner path of peace.

     This is an instant fix. However the pattern of your reaction of fear is an old pattern and thus must be reprogramed. Thus each time we respond with love instead of fear it become easier and easier.

     When you reach the point of always responding with love your divine energy will be tuned up on hight. At that time the journey you came to earth to take will begin.

     For it is the journey of enjoying life as a fully embodied playful physical spiritual beings we hang out in the garden of Heaven on Earth. As we play we continue to move deeper and deeper into our experiences and explorations into the ancient mysteries of love and life.

     To help guide you on your journey of becoming fully embodied physical spiritual beings of light and love, Pam and David have include some of the personal wisdoms and experiences that they have learned on their journey back to the Garden on Earth.

     Get ready to play with love for that is what physical life is about.

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Banff, Cananda  

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Grand Canyon, AZ

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Bali, Indonesia

          Things to watch for when on the journey — little has been written about the journey of walking the ancient path of peace. So when you are on the journey and feel lost as to what to do or how to move forward look for signs posts, symbols, and trail markers that have been left by those who have gone before to make your journey easier.

     Also watch and listen to the inner messages. If they are simple clear action directed statements they are from the heart. Follow them. If they create more questioning set them aside.

     In addition the signe are often hidden in the stories and symbols that have been left along the way to convey to those who are searching for directions to go and what worked and what did not work.

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Sign Posts

& Trail Markers